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About company

NAVARIS is active on the market in the supply of components for power industry. This engineering and marketing company is also capable <a href="">Replica Handbags</a> of supplying services necessary to cover the needs of everyday´s life, but also to act as a partner and solver of high-end engineering tasks for the benefit of the customer.
The company executive staff builds upon 15-year long experience gathered in the core business which is the power compensation, and the related resonance and harmonics interference issues.
The founders of the company succeeded in gathering a team of fellow-workers with extensive engineering knowledge and experience in the power industry.
This is one of the facts that provides for high level of the engineering solutions proposed, but also one of the pre-conditions necessary for the resilience in the power components offered.
The general concept of the solutions proposed, based on detailed knowledge of the customer networks, is the result of rigorous use of measuring technology and the ensuing analysis of the network based on such a data gathered.
The knowledge thus acquired made it possible to extend our power compensation experience to also another areas of power engineering and power distribution, and results in design of optimum mode of power network operation, with proposals on modifications and arrangement options for the the benefit of the customer.
The solutions proposed involve studies and design options matched to the requirements of the investors/employers. A logical continuation of such a process are the deliveries of switchboards and electric installation works offered as a part of the comprehensive engineering process of the job-order.
NAVARIS is also involved in the electric assembly and power supply to equipment installed in winter sport facilities, such as the ski lifts, serving as the supplier, resolver and service provider. Our main activities focus the power systems to cableways, powering of ski resort equipment, and the power compensation and elimination of harmonic issues, design of power systems for snow cannons and winter sport equipment, and lighting systems for ski slopes, dowhhill courses and snb races.

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